Fields own Marinades.

I have an extensive range of oil based Marinades available. You can request any cut of meat to be coated in our marinades at the time you purchase. 


They include:


Thai, Greek, Garlic, Argentinian Fire, Creamy Black Peppercorn, Wild Mushroom, Chilli Lime and Ginger, Cajun, Chinese, Sticky Maple and Hickory Smoke, Chinese Plumb, Orange and Dill, Pesto, Lemon and Corriander, Apricot and Rosemary, Lemon Thai, Jalapeno, Mango and Chilli, Chilli, Rosemary and Redcurrant, Lemon and Green Peppercorn, BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Indonesian.




Barbeque, Garlic and Herb, Hot and Spicy, Mint, Mexican, Chinese, Piri Piri, are all available in a handy, easy to use sachet.

All are made without any artificial colours or flavourings and are Gluten Free.