The world has gone Mobile! so we thought we should go with it! 




We’ve taken a leap and launched our very own FREE Mobile App!


We’re the very first Butchers Shops in the UK to do it for the iPhone and Android platforms, so we hope you like what it can do for you. 


So what does it do?


After years of being asked how long to cook a certain weight of meat in the oven, we thought we’d give you your very own MEAT COOKING GUIDE. Using the simple onscreen sliders, you select the type and cut of meat you’ve bought. Choose the way you want it (rare, med, etc), add its weight and voila! It calculates the right oven time and temperature. Then you just wait for it to tell you when its ready!


When you’re cooking at home our STEAK COOKING TIMER will do the trick of creating the perfect Steak. Set it to the way you want them and it won’t let you forget it! An alarm will tell you when to flip your steak, and again when it is ready. Helping you get the best result every time. It also has a handy picture showing exactly what the steak should look like.



To top it off we know a lot of our customers see our products in the shop but don’t always have time to ask about them, so we’ve put most of our product range into our PRODUCT RANGE MENU. So you can browse anytime at your leisure.

They say every mobile owner in the UK is never less than a metre away from their mobile 24hrs a day. It’s nice to know we’re getting closer to you! 


The iPhone version is now available for download here: iPhone

The Android version is now available for download here: Android

To join the Fields Club you can either come into the shop and fill in our Fields Club leaflet or join online by clicking the link below. After joining simply download the mobile app and show us when you come into the shop.


There’s now over 850 members of the Club!