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Here at Fields of Anlaby, we are renowned for having the largest selection of barbeque products in the area.

We have hundreds of products to choose from, with pre-set barbeque packs to cater for parties.

To give your Barby a bit of a South African twist, surprise your guests with some of our more exotic meats, such as;

Kebabs - Ostrich, Wilderbeast, Springbok with a South African marinade.

Burgers - Ostrich, Wilderbeast, Springbok , Impala, Bison, Buffalo, Kudu, Kangaroo

Sausages - Ostrich, Wilderbeast, Springbok, Kudu, Kangaroo

Steaks - Zebra, Ostrich, Wilderbeast, Buffalo, Wilderbeast, Impala, Kudu, Kangaroo and Crocodile (when available).

South African Speciality Sausages

Boerwors - Sold in a ring, has a fantastic full flavour.

Sosati Barbeque sausage and a Morroccan speciality sausage - Are fabulously flavoursome but not hot, just a hint ofspice, including corriander, cummin, all spice, garlic and pepper.

I and my team have won many awards in the national Q Guild Barbeque Championships. This tests not only your products but also your cooking skills, which is great fun!
BARBEQUE for ENGLAND yourself this Summer, and have a great outdoor dining experience with your friends and family.