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My Free Range Pork is reared by Mark and Grant Burton of Manor House Farm, Wilberfoss. The pigs are outdoor reared to high wellfare standards, as set out by the RSPCA Freedom Foods Standards. The pigs are able to naturally roam, root and wallow. This produces good old fashioned Pork that has real flavour and texture. The way it used to be.

As well as having all the Free Range cuts available, along with my Meal Solutions, I have home cured free range bacon, gamon, gammon steaks, cooked hams and of course our fatastic range of sausages.

Rare Breed Pork. 

I source Gloucestershire Old Spot Pork from Paull, which is close to the River Humber. Gloucestershire Old Spots are the oldest pedigree breed in the world.

They were originally from the Vale of the River Severn, traditionally kept in orchards. Folklore has it that the spots were bruises caused by windfall fruit. Old Spots are very placid and easily managed, the most laid back of all rare breed pigs. 

As they are slow to mature, the meat is well marbled, sweet and delicious. Producing the most amazing crackling. The extra bit of fat really helps baste the meat while cooking.

Put it to the test, you won’t be disapointed!